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Hello, I am a student in multimedia networks and as a group project, we have to put the call statistics on a web page.
I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and I have installed version 16 of asterisk.
I installed dependencies such as unixodbc and isql and the connection with my database is good.
But when I make a config makemenu, the XXX are always in front of odbc_storage and also cdr_adaptative_odbc, cdr_odbc, when I place myself disappointed I have the message Depends on: res_odbc (M), generic_odbc (E).
Anyone have an idea, please?

Based on this comment in configure, I’d say you’ve installed neither UnixODBC nor iODBC.

# build a GENERIC_ODBC result based on the presence of either UnixODBC (preferred)
# or iODBC
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Certainly I forgot to mention it on my publication, but I installed unixodbc and iodbc and it didn’t change anything

Did you re-run configure?

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yes I did, but I always receive the same dependency message when I position myself on cdr_adaptative_odbc, cdr_odbc and odbc_storage

Did you install the development files for UnixODBC?

You may need to look at log file for configure, to work out why it is failing to detect ODBC support.

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My problem was solved, I restarted my virtual machine and I did ./configure --with-jansson-bundled in the installation folder of asterisk.

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