Cannot make ODBC support like cdr_odbc,fnc_odbc

i have installed all the required packages given in the documentation like unixODBC-devel and libtool

but while installing Asterisk when i make menuselect
in the “call detail recording” i can’t select cdr_odbc
and in “dialplan functions” i can’t select func_odbc

they indicate some missing dependency…??

i have installed all the packages given in the O’rellily;s documentation book

can any1 please help on this because i would need to connect to a mysql database in my application!

please help!
thanks in advance

When you is over “forbidden” package somewhere is dependency you miss. Normally somewhere bellow.
Depending of distribution - you have to install dependency then run ./configure again.

i am using fedora 8 …!
i did the entire installaion process till the menuselect option while installing asterisk again
installed and uodated all packages through yum update
but m still not able to select the cdr_odbc, func_odbc and othe database modules…?

at cdr_odbc…it is shown that it depends upon unixodbc(E) and ltdl(E)
at func_odbc…it is shown that it depends upon unixodbc(E) ,ltdl(E) and res_odbc(M)

plz help…!!

I visit: … stallation
Although I am using ubuntu and Asterisk 1.6.1 - after I followed instructions and installed packages - ODBS became available.
I am using of course apt-get instead of yum and some of packages have little different names but…