Unistim problem


Hoping somebody may be able to assist…

We’re running 13.2.0, and have around 20 SIP phones and 80 or so Nortel 1110s running UNISTIM.

The SIP phones work fine, and for a while so were the UNISTIM ones as well, but we have noticed over the last few days that all the UNISTIM phones seem to lose their connection to Asterisk and then reconnect after a minute or so (they don’t reboot, just lose the connection, then retry and connect back okay). It seems to affect all the UNISTIM phones at once - Asterisk remains fine, as do all the SIP devices, but the 1110s will successively lose connection and reconnect. As it’s so random it’s hard to catch, but the only thing we’ve seen so far is that there are a number of “ACK at 0xffff, restarting counter.” messages just before the phones need to reconnect.

Any assistance would be massively appreciated!



You may want to try contacting the maintainer of chan_unistim directly. I don’t know if that person visits this forum.