Nortel 1102E UNIStim or SIP to connect to a trixbox asterisk

I work for a small company that currently contracts out our VOIP service. We would like to move this internally and use trixbox. We have previously purchased 30 Nortel 1120E phones that are preloaded with the UNIStim firmware. We do not want to have to buy all new phones. Is there a package to allow the 1120E using the UNIStim protocol to connect to asterisk or how do I change the phone over to the SIP firmware? Nortel will not give us any support as we do not have a service contract through them. If anyone has connected a Nortel 1120E phone to astersik and/or succesfully converted the 1120E to SIP please tell me how.

Thanks ahead of time…

I didnt read it but this may help you … _Rev_1.pdf

[quote=“riddlebox”]I didnt read it but this may help you … _Rev_1.pdf[/quote]

I have read all the PDF’s and guides from the Nortel site, I am not able to get the firmware because we do not have a service contract with nortel. I created an online account and I was denied access to download the firmware.

maybe you can find a nortel dealer locally who would be willing to get the firmware for you?

I am in talks with Nortel again after the local supplier did not want to help me. Around in circles I go. Nortel has opened a ticket for me, so hopefully this will get worked out. So difficult to deal with major corporations…

If anyone has had any luck with getting an 1120E working with asterisk, please let me know what steps I will need to go through. I am almost ready to mess around with the UNIStim package and try to configure all config files myself if it were not for the learning curve and the time.

I don’t know much about nortel handsets (or PBXs)except for their proprietary UNIStim stuff - I was wondering if they made a SIP firmare for handsets? I’d be keen to test that sort of stuff if it exists.

Keep us in the loop because these nortel systems pop up more often than you’d think.