Understanding user admission to conferences

I’m trying to learn about conferences and how they are implemented in Asterisk. I see that users defined in confbridge.conf can be “USER” or “ADMIN” type, and each user has a pin.

Does Asterisk take responsibility for veryifying the pin and admitting the user to the conference? I looked at the FreePBX dialplan [ext-meetme] context, and it appears that verifying the pin for each user is handled in the dialplan. Or is that just how FreePBX handles it (ignoring Asterisk’s built in pin functionality)

This is not meant to be a FreePBX questions, I’m just using the FreePBX dialplan to teach me about Asterisk’s functionality.

ConfBridge can do PINs, or someone using ConfBridge (like FreePBX) can decide to do it outside of ConfBridge. We give options, and people choose what works for them based on their needs.

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