Question with Conference Bridge Application

Hi All,

First question from a newbie.

I am upgrading from an older version of Asterisk to a newer version. In doing so I am upgrading from meetme to confbridge. I am using asterisk conference manager as the web front end. In doing so I am coming across a feature requirement that I am not understanding how to achieve in confbridge.

In meetme, A user calls in and is prompted to ask for a conference bridge number. The second step they are asked for a pin number. The pin number helps specify if they are an admin or a normal/guest user. In the way asterisk conference manager is setup, it seems the only way you can associate a user with being a particular profile is by the number they call in from (their ANI). I have not seen a way to associate it by the pin number you enter in. Am I missing how this is accomplished in Asterisk Conference Manager?


“Asterisk Conference Manager” is not something I’ve ever heard of and seen used on here. It’s also not something that is part of the project. I don’t think it is likely that you’ll find someone to help with it on here.