First install - "error download kickstart file"

Hello, i am trying to install the latest AsteriskNOW package to a brand new Intel NUC and it gets stuck to “error download kickstart file”.
I downloaded the latest 32 bit package and burnt it to a bootable USB drive using rufus.
it boots ok from the NUC´s bios and it takes me to the installer page (the green one) and to make it work i have to manually type down “acpi=off” otherwise it will get a kernel thread helper error.
So after that it gets stuck to “error download kickstart file” and it shows me te following path “cdrom:/kickstart-raid-asterisk13.cfg”, tried hitting multiple times enter as the manual suggest but there is no way to pass this step.
i will try to burn the 64bit version and see if it works.
Thanks in advance!