Unable to start opus codec

I’m trying to install opus codec for asterisk (built from source), performed the following steps:

  • copied codec_opus.so into /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/
  • copied codec_opus_config-en_US.xml into /var/lib/asterisk/documentation/thirdparty
  • restarted asterisk service

Yet still if I run module show like opus it shows the codec as “Not Running” and when I try to manually start it with module load codec_opus.so, it throws an error:

config_options.c:1062 xmldoc_update_config_type: Cannot update type 'opus' in module 'codec_opus' because it has no existing documentation!
codec_opus_config.c:451 codec_opus_config_initialize: Opus: failed to register sorcery object type 'opus'

Using asterisk 16.8.0 and codec_opus 16.0_1.3

My bad. I copied the documentation into /usr/lib/asterisk/ instead of /var/lib/asterisk/…

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