Unable to re-open DSP device /dev/dsp


I have installed Asterisk on my CentOS-5.5 system. Every thing is working fine.

When I m trying to dial a call from Console to hard phones its giving me below :

I dont have much idea about the oss channels. So, need your help. Do I need to install any thing or do I need to configure oss.conf ? or any thing else?


Check if your sound driver is installed and if you are using oss or alsa !

1.4. is no longer supported, so should not have been used for a new installation.

The error message you are getting suggests an issue with Linux rather than Asterisk. Are you using USB sound “cards”, by any chance?

Please note that the sound card channel drivers are not much used and probably poorly supported.

Thank you for your quick reply.

on my system :

Also, I dont know how to check whether it is using alsa or oss ? will you please tell me how can I come to know what it is using ?



I have installed the required alsa and oss modules. Also loaded the codec_g729.so on my server.
When I m dialing the console, its giving :

Any suggestions pls ?


Why you may need Codec_g729 ?
get sure that you have loaded chan_oss or alsa in your asterisk . what is the output of
asterisk -rx "module show like chan_oss"
command ?

Thank you for your quick response.

I have read one post in that g729 was suggested. So, put that as well.

[quote][root@localhost agi-bin]# asterisk -rx "module show like chan_oss"
Module Description Use Count
chan_oss.so OSS Console Channel Driver 0
1 modules loaded
[root@localhost agi-bin]#