Unable to login to queue

Hi All,

I am trying to login to a queue that I built, and I am unable to. I see the following in the console.

-- Executing AgentCallbackLogin("SIP/364-b7902688", "||364@tech_support") in new stack -- Playing 'agent-user' (language 'en') -- Playing 'agent-pass' (language 'en') Dec 6 16:05:43 WARNING[19702]: chan_agent.c:1849 __login_exec: Extension '364' is not valid for automatic login of agent '364' -- Playing 'agent-newlocation' (language 'en')
What does this mean, and what can I look for to resolve this issue?


To follow up, I found out what the issue was on this. I was using the wrong context in the AgentCallbackLogin application. I thought I had to use the queue context, but I guess you have to use the context that the agents are in instead.