Asterisk PJSIP trunk no auth

Dear All,

i am new to the PJSIP world and i am experiencing something that i do not understand.

Asterisk 21.0.2 (with FreePBX frontend)

Scenario is:

PBX with ip
Local extension in the same subnet

Router with 1:1 NAT configured to the PBX so ip x.x.x.x is in and out binded to the pbx

Trunk is a COLT sip with no authentication and simply a SIP server ip y.y.y.y:5060

I have configured through FreePBX a PJSIP trunk called “trunk-colt”

Inbound calls are perfectly working.
Outboud call no.
The outgoing route is being hitted (i tested with the send email function)
but then the calls hang up and i get 503 service unavailable

If i see endpoint status it says unavailable

Can you help me checking in the right direction ?


PJSIP transport configuration:


Endpoint status:

The best place to look for help, is the FreePBX forums.

FreePBX is doing a lot behind the scenes, last I checked, a lot of their call processing is handled with (AGI?) scripts rather than in the dialplan directly. This means the problem can be in MANY places, and unless you know how FreePBX works (Which many here don’t, as we’re not using it), it can be difficult to figure out what the problem is.

Also, Asterisk 21 requires FreePBX 17, which is only at candidate release status, and currently not expected to be officially release until the end of the month. Current released versions depend heavily on macros, which are no longer implemented, in Asterisk 21.

That’s even more reason why you need to address this to the FreePBX community.