Dialplan is calling PJSIP headers, when I'm only using Chan_sip

Installed from Distro SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1712-2
Asterisk version 13.21.0
Freepbx 12.7.5-1805-3.sng7

Almost every calls output these warnings/errors about PJSIP, we are not using PJSIP, all our peers are chan_sip.

So far I know it’s not causing harm, but I would like to get it clear however I can. Any insight on this would be really helpful.

FreePBX writes the dialplan. It would be on their side, and may not even be capable of being removed.

How about asterisk-switch-version? Will this rebuild my configurations and I can deselect PJSIP somehow?

I don’t use FreePBX and it’s not part of the Asterisk project, so I have no idea.

@spham I recommend you check out the FreePBX community site at https://community.freepbx.org for help with their product.

Thanks guys. I created a post there in hope for some insights.