Unable to click on Create VoiceMenu on Asterisk GUI 2

I’m not a linux guru by any means, so please explain in easy terms.
I have set 2 separate AsteriskNow servers (both on ESXi server).
One was the VMware Image and the other was the ISO downloaded from the asterisk web site.

In both instances, I updated the Asterisk GUI to version 2 following the instructions at http://www.asterisknow.org/install-related

After all the usual issues, I finally got both of them working, however on the Voice Menu option, the first button/link that is visible is “+Create New VoiceMenu”.
No matter what I do, clicking on this options does not do anything. What am I missing?

I went through other menus such as Call Queues and I was able to bring up the Create New Que window, so this problem is not universal… just with the Create VoiceMenu option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

change the code at line 449 in menus.js to:

tmp_EventName = tmp_EventName + top.session.delimiter + tmp_EventBody ;

Please excuse my ignorance…
I modified the code in /asterisk-gui/config/menu.js and removed the quote
However, it still does not work even after rebooting the server.
My firebug console still shows:

unterminated string literal
[Break on this error] tmp_EventName = tmp_EventName + top.session.delimiter' + tmp_EventBody ;\n

It appears that even though the file itself shows the correct line, the server is not picking it up.
Does something need to be re-compiled or some cache emptied?

I cleared my browser cache and cookies and even used a browser on a different machine.

Thanks for your help

I found another location where this file exists.


I changed the code in this file and it works!!!

Thank you so much for your help