New voice menu's are not accepted


I am just getting started with a fresh installation of Asterisk, my test config works fine.

I have a CentOS4.2 server with latest Asterisk with Asterisk GUI.

Now I have created dialplans and voiptrunks etc and that works, but now I want to test a Voicemenu.

So I go to the option “Voice Menus” and create a new Voice Menu with following options:
Answer call, Play some music and wait for KeyPress event. And then what to do on keypress etc.

It the menu it will appear: Test menu, Ext 7001 etc.

If I dial 7001 I will always get Denied like the number does not exists.

What am I doing wrong here?

So I guess I will post this in the bug report then, as nobody knows what the problem is?:frowning: