Hang up from pstn not detected

Hi all,
this is driving me crazy :smile:

I installed asterisk 1.2.22, with driver zaptel 1.4.6 and a digium tdm400p with 4 fxo modules.
It always happens that when i call a number on the pstn, and the other end hangs up, asterisk doesn’t detect it and continues as if the call is still running. It doesn’t happen if i hangup before with my sip phone.

I read “strange” things by the logfile:

  1. Nov 18 15:12:00 VERBOSE[3126] logger.c: [chan_zap.so]Nov 18 15:12:00 VERBOSE[3126] logger.c: [chan_zap.so] => (Zapata Telephony w/PRI)

i can’t understand why the chan_zap.so module believes that the digium card is for isdn (in other computers it doens’t happen)

  1. When the pstn number hangs up, the logfile is full of this lines:
    Nov 18 15:13:34 DEBUG[3156] dsp.c: ast_dsp_busydetect detected busy, avgtone: 220, avgsilence 180
    Nov 18 15:13:34 DEBUG[3156] dsp.c: Requesting Hangup because the busy tone was detected on channel Zap/4-1

but it doens’t close the call, it doens’t stop bridging the zap channel with the sip channel created for the sip phone.

I’m sure it is a ridiculous problem but i can’t understand where i wrong. I add hereby the zapata.conf hoping that it can help

That is because when using Asterisk 1.2.X you need to use Zaptel 1.2.X and NOT Zaptel 1.4.X

Hi Dovid
I have the same versions of asterisk and zaptel, with the same digium card, on other two different computers and it works.
Could it be something else?
By the way there aren’t any differences between programs’ versions and asterisk configuration in all of the three computers i worked on.

From what I have seen in the past you need to use the same versions of asterisk and zaptel. You have me stumped with the issue. I am not the zatepl expert. Try speaking to tzafrir on the #asterisk channel on irc (irc.freenode.net). He is very knowledgeable when it comes to zaptel.