UK SIP Gateway

Hi, Now that I have Asterisk up and running I would like to find a good SIP gateway in the UK. I have looked at and they look pretty reasonable.

I am looking for peoples recommendations.

Apologies if this is the incorrect forum for this type of request.


[size=75]–[ UxBoD ]–
// PGP Key: “curl -s | gpg --import”
// Fingerprint: 543A E778 7F2D 98F1 3E50 9C1F F190 93E0 E8E8 0CF8
// Keyserver: Key-ID: 0xE8E80CF8
// SIP Phone:[/size]


Are you looking for quality or cost ? sipgate falls into the latter. Gradwell the former.


Ideally both if that can be achieved :wink: Though I do not mind paying a little more for better quality. would be my recommendation.

I have used

If you want a “proper” business service with good support go for Gradwell. If it’s for domestic use then sipdiscount and babble will do fine! The good thing about sipgate and sipdiscount is that they both offer a free UK inbound number.

I also understand that are pretty good but haven’t used them yet myself.