Can you recommend a UK VOIP service provider?

Have got asterisk up & running but seem to be struggling with finding a decent VOIP service provider…

Either SIP or AIX… this is for a business

Have tried: - poor/medium quality calls - problems connecting with asterisk (they use an outbound proxy setup) & do not seem to be too interested to sort problems
voiptalk - problems with DTMF not working
voipgate - cannot transfer our existing BT telephone number to them

Must be someone out there we can use, now we have done all the hard work trying to get asterisk to work (been a right pain with a Digium Wildcard B410P BRI ISDN )



try … been with them for some time, never had a problem that took more than a single call to fix. the head techie (Theo) is well-known in the Asterisk world.

Try Gradwell. We’re on them and they seem to understand business users.