Two Questions


I have two questions about operation functionality of Asterisk.

Question 1: Imagine you have 4 or something servers, your phone wants to connect with server 1 but for some reason it can’t, is it possible that the phone will then try to connect to server 2 with the same login data, and thus the same number?

And if so, is this number still available at server 1, 3 & 4 after that. Or will they say it’s taken already as well?

Question 2: Is it possible to create a central phone list on a server that you can send to each phone when it connects? And if so, is it possible to have the same phone list on several servers?

Hi Fishy,

In answer to question two, I think the dial plan switch statement will help you.

switch: A switch statement allows an Asterisk server to search for extensions outside ofthe local dialplan. The only currently implemented use is the IAX switch, though otheruses of this feature are planned. The IAX switch uses the IAX protocol to findextensions on a remote dialplan and connect them. If a caller dials an extension that is not accesable in the local dialplan, and a switch statement is present in the callerspresent context, the extension will be tried against the remote server or serversspecified. The switch statement includes as an argument a context, which will be thecontext within the remote dialplan that will be searched.

To look for a remote extension using the IAX protocol:switch => IAX/username:password@server/contextAlternately, if RSA is turned on (see iax.conf) you may replace the password witha keyname, which will be the key sent to the remote server.switch => IAX/username:[password]@server/context

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Thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

RE Question #1: That sounds like a phone issue, not an Asterisk feature, per say. You have to think that if the Asterisk server is down, how the server going to redirect a connection?

I know with our Cisco 7960’s can contact at least two separate SIP servers. As long as you were to provide both asterisk servers with the same SIP.conf files (at least for the phone registrations) you should be ok.

Okay, thanks.

But how would that work with the numbers? For instance if I have user 1 and he wants to log in to server A but server A doesn’t work. Now the user would log on to server B. Would it at a later time be possible for the same or another user to log on to server A anyway and have the same number?

And if so, who would be called if you dial number 1?

(Assuming we are working with a central dialplan on a seperate server)