Two outside numbers on one phone - how to tell which number?

Hello all,

I’d really appreciate some help with this, I’ve read around but can’t find a good answer.

We have two outside lines that are set up and working in asterisk.

We have two phones, one working for each incoming number.

But we also have another phone in another part of the building and we’d like that phone to receive calls from both outside lines. That, I can manage (I think!) but I’d like the person answering the phone to know which line the caller is calling.

The phone is a Flexor 500.

Is there a way to either change the ringtone or send something to the display on the phone?

Thank you very much in advance of any help you can offer.



Just set the callerid name to say what the call is for


If your phone support two lines you could also register each line as it’s own sip device.

Thanks for the replies…

Ian - how do I do that but also, what it mean I can’t see who the call is from or is there a way to set it manually so it showed then number but prefixed it with A or B for each number?

rbreidenstein - thanks. the phone has 4 lines but I’m not sure (or least I don’t know how) it is possible to set each one to a different sip account?

thanks again

Take a look at this link It explains how to change the callerid details. What I currently do in my environment is change the name ${CALLERID(name)} to be the descriptive part and leave the number intact. This is all assuming that your phone displays both callerid name and number.

Thank you very much. I now have it working as needed, it’s perfect! Thank you!