Two Asterisk machines on one telephony card

Pretty sure the answer to this is “no” so this is in the “never know for sure until you ask” department. I have an Asterisk machine right now with a 4 jack telephony card…however, the computer, linux and asterisk builds are quite old. I’m upgrading the system to a much newer computer, linux and asterisk build. Problem is we can’t currently purchase a new telephony card for the new computer. Is there anyway to piggyback the new asterisk computer so that it can use the telephony card in the old computer until we can make the purchase? I wouldn’t need the old asterisk build at all…just the telephony signals (3 lines). TIA.

You can use the old Asterisk as gateway (trunk) until you get the new card, but stil will have the limitations on system resources

I’m a bit new to the config side of Asterisk. Could you explain how that would be setup? The old system is running on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS and using Asterisk 13.4.0 with no graphical UI.


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