Tutorial for setting up Asterisk?


I’m running a small political campaign for student government. Being a computer science major, this is perfect for me. I have a spare Dell Optiplex GX270 to install on. I need a version that can make robocalls and also help our people volunteering in our call center, so I’m not sure if I should try AsteriskNow, Trixbox, or Elastix, or something like that.

I guess I’m willing to buy a VOIP service if needed to make this work.

I also have two two different Zoom modems [yes, the silly 56k phone modems] (one is a USB and one is a PCI), but I think both are called ‘winmodems’. I’ve read nearly 100 pages about this, some say that it just won’t work ever, some say the call quality is bad. I would, though, really just love to use these (by connecting them to the phone jack in the wall) so that I can see if the software can do what I want [ie testing it out before I buy anything]. I also wonder which flavor of Asterisk I should use.

I was wondering if you could point me to a simple tutorial for getting Asterisk of some flavor setup? I mean, this software has been around for years and I haven’t seen an easy tutorial for any of what I’m asking for, so maybe I’m looking in the wrong places or at the wrong thing.

Any help you have would be awesome!



also if you google your questions you will usually find lots of answers and stuff on wiki’s. The info is out there is you look for it.