Trying to use "include =>"


I have a basic installation running OK :smiley:

As we have ~70 users to set up I have thought about exporting their details from an existing database into a suitable format for sip.conf instead of having to type all the details individually.

Rather than adding them to the end of sip.conf I thought I could create a file “mysip.conf” and put a line at the end of the original sip.conf “include => mysip.conf” but it doesn’t seem to work.

Am I trying to do something that just won’t work ? I’d like to do similar with extensions.conf too.



Try “#include mysip.conf”,
infact … sions.conf tells:
With the #include statement in extensions.conf, other files are included. This way you can setup a system where extensions.conf is the main file, users.conf contain your local users, services.conf contain various services, like conferencing. This way, the dial plan may be easier to maintain, depending on the size of your setup. The #include statement is not the same as the include statement. The #include statement works in all Asterisk configuration files.


Perfect, many thanks

Mike :smile: