Help using #include within #include

I am trying to include a file to extensions.conf. Simple enough, however, the included file should have a number of includes in itself. That’s where the problem starts. #include in extensions.conf is in fact including the file I want, however, asterisk ignores every #include statement within that second file. I thought we were able to go 10 levels down, but this is just one level down and it is ignoring me. Any clues?

example (within extenesions.conf)

#include includefiles

Then ‘includefiles’ has something like:

#include client1
#include client2

exten => 100,1,Dial(SIP/100)

The result is that my resulting dialplan is adding ‘[testcontext]’ w no problem, but the additional include statements are completely ignored.


In includes work to at least 3 levels in extensions.conf. What version are you using? What errors are produced when the module is loaded? Are you, by any chance trying to load bits of the same context in more than one file (in which case you need to use (+) after the section names of all but the textually first one.