Trying to make Opus work in Asterisk 13.12.1

Trying to make Opus work in Asterisk 13.12.1 with a Yealink phone, now supporting Opus as well.

Opus is not listed under core show translations but appears in core show codecs.

What else do I need to do to make it work?

Have you selected the codec in “make menuselect”?

Using FreePBX Distro and just read that Opus won’t be supported on Asterisk 13/FreePBX unfortunately.

Thank you.

No wait, Sangoma is saying:
“We build asterisk with ‘enable everything’. As soon as Asterisk 13 starts producing the opus codec, it will appear in the RPM.”

I have upgraded their distro to run Asterisk 13.12.1, but Opus is not working.

Any idea whats’s wrong?

Your image is cut off, what does “module show like opus” output?

The codec does not appear to be there. It’s definitely available as an option in “make menuselect” in 13.12.1 so the RPMs may not be doing what is needed to enable them or have the required dependency to do it via that method. I’ve made Rob aware.


I have it working on 13.12.1 but I compile from source.

I don’t know how fpbx builds their RPM’s but there is a new dependency required in order for the OPUS codec option to be available in make menuselect.

yum install epel-release
yum install xmlstarlet

Confirmed! I’m investigating why it’s not working now. I did have that as a prereq in the spec, but mock isn’t building it for some reason.

(And just to re-iterate, this is only going to be on the SNG7 based Distro at the moment, not on the old 6-based distro, but that’s not relevant here 8-))

Edit: Opus is working in 13.12.1-2 RPM. Some idiot - who shall remain nameless - had forgotten to actually add the --enable-opus (et al) params. So after yelling at myself, uh, I mean the nameless idiot, I fixed it, and the RPM is now published.

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So that means it is also available on 10.13.66-17, oder just on SNG7?

You can just copy paste the binary into /usr/lib/asterisk/modules (for x64 it’s probably /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules)

From here.