Trying to get Grandstreams and Cisco 7960s to work behind fw

Hi all,

I’ve installed OpenBSD 3.9 onto a box that I want to use as my firewall. I have a few Cisco 7960’s and a few Grandstream phones that I want to get working behind them. I’ve done a little research, and I found out that these phones don’t work with NAT very well. I was reading on and it said somewhere that I need to install a proxy to get the phones to work using NAT.

Can anyone push me in the right direction on a good howto, or could someone explain to me exactly what I need to do to get these phones to work?

Thanks in advance!

where does Asterisk fit into this picture ?

My apologies. Asterisk isn’t on the BSD box - it’s set up just fine. I’m just trying to figure out how to get these phones to contact the Asterisk server.

I guess I shouldn’t have posted in this forum, but I figured people might know how to get this to work in the BSD forums.

if the phones are on the same network as Asterisk there are no NAT issues for the phones (unless you use reinvites). you then only need to worry about poking holes/port forwards for Asterisk.

there don’t appear to be many people using BSD as a platform for Asterisk … yet !!

The Asterisk server is on an external IP. The phones are on a different network, behind an OpenBSD 3.9 firewall.

I’m in charge of installing a new firewall for the office because our current one just sucks. The only difference is that when I implement the new firewall, none of the computers behind the firewall is going to have an external IP address - they will all be - same goes for the phones. Our current setup with the phones are to give them each their own IP, but I want to free up some IP addresses and get the phones to work behind the firewall.

Any ideas?