Trying to dial a multi digit extension with dial options

How can you dial more than one extension digit?

I am trying to transfer to a number with an extension.
I accept a number formatted like 555-555-5555x1234.

The following is my configuration for my dial options, both with the same result.


All lead to it dialing a single digit, when the other end picks up.


Have a look at the senddtmf command: … d+SendDTMF

I have done some additional reading. Still trying to do it using the D() option, but I have read somewhere that this option, sends the dtmf before the connections are bridged? Is senddtmf, what I want to do?

For example, I tested calling a office line with an automated answer, that asks you to dial, the extension. So from what I understand, I would need the dtmf to come after they bridge? how?

currently when i test it with another person’s phone, when they answer they only hear one digit. I am going to try to use senddtmf after connections have been bridged.