How to send DTMF to the "calling" side after a Dial()


There is a way with SendDTMF() to send digits to the “calling” side after a Dial() connection is establish?
I try the option M of the Dial like:

       exten => _X.,n,Dial(${TRUNK}/${tobecall}, , M(test))

       exten => s,1,SendDTMF(5)

but the DTMF are send to the called legs not the calling legs;

And with the option G, the bridge are not establish yet with the called.


You use the Bridge application to bridge the call after sending the DTMF.

However, what is wrong the D (upper case D) option on Dial?

Yes…I see the Bridge exist but only for the version 1.6…the system is currently running 1.4 :frowning:

I can not used the D option because I want to run AMD() before on the new dialout, and return different DTMF result to the calling legs (sip) based on its result…