Trying to build switchboard

Im new to this so bear with me.
I need to know if this software can do this…

I need to be able to dial into an extension of a number and have the option of switching to line 2 and then dialing a number on line 2

Can a setup with this software do that?

It sounds as if you are trying to to do DISA.

This feature allows you to build a server that will answer a call, prompt the caller for a phone number, and place a second call to that phone number. The two “legs” of the call are joined together.

Yes. This is possible.

Thanks, thats exactly what i need.

So what do i do to set it up.
just a random comp with the software

Also i was wondering if this could transfer you to line 2(intercom) where you could dial a 3 digit code and connect.

Yes, Asterisk will do what you ask it to do. You just need to learn how to ask politely :smile: Also, you haven’t specified what kind of “lines” you are considering connecting, because you may need additional hardware.

But bottom line is: Asterisk is capable. You need a box to install it, play with it, and learn it. To connect to a “line”, you may need line interface card.