“Trunk Dial Timeout” per trunk?


is there a way to setup “Trunk Dial Timeout” per trunk, one for mobile phone trunk (longer) and other for fixed phone (shorter) ?

Asterisk doesn’t have trunks, and there are no pre-configured dial timeouts.

I suggest you ask the people who created the abstraction of trunks, and provided the dialplan that set the timeouts. For FreePBX, use https://community.freepbx.org/

By the way, do you mean the last digit timeout, for overlap dialling (noting that with VoIP phones, this is normally done by the phone,not the PABX, or did you mean the timeout on no answer? Both sorts of timeout can be set dynamically, if you actually control the dialplan.

thanks David. I meant timeout on no answer (dial out). Shorter timeout eg. 14sec for fixed phones and longer timeout for mobile eg. 24sec. We have call center (dial out only) and yes i do have control on dailplan but i’m not experienced in the changing dialplan so every help is welcome. I posted a question on freepbx forum.

Second parameter of Dial application.

Note that the default is infinity, so, if you haven’t set it, and it is still timing out, something outside Asterisk is doing that.

“Trunk Dial Timeout” is working fine, it is set to 28 seconds in /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf. We have two trunks, one for fixed phones e.g. +3851* and the other one for mobile phones +3859*. I want different “Trunk Dial Timeout” for fixed phones and different for mobile phones.

There is no /etc/asterisk/extensions_additonal.conf supplied with Asterisk, so it cannot be set there unless you supply dialplan that includes that file.

The variable you quote is not used by the Asterisk core, so will only have an effect if you supply dialplan that references it.

I find it strange that you have extensions_additional.conf but aren’t using FreePBX, as this file is normally only included in systems based on FreePBX.

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sorry David for not explaining my env. Yes, there is freepbx on top (distro from https://www.freepbx.org/)… I asked the same question on freepbx forum but there is no answer at all. Is there a way to do that in asterisk way, some guidelines, links ? thanks

I’ve already told you about the parameter of the Dial application. There are many different ways of ensuring that parameter gets set, but they are likely to conflict with FreePBX in ways that I cannot predict.


exten =>_+3581.,n,Dial(technology/trunk1/????${EXTEN:???},timeout1)
exten =>_+3859.,s,Dial(technology,trunk2/????${EXTEN:???},timeout2)

thanks David, i’ll try

Please note I had the “_”, for patterns, in the wrong place. Now corrected.

ok, thanks, i’ll try