Troubles with yesno_values enum in postgresql

I configured Asterisk 14.6.1 realtime with pgsql. Schema was created from asterisk-14.6.1/contrib/ast-db-manage/realtime/postgresql/postgresql_config.sql
PostgresSql version: 9.5.8.

Then I enabled ARI and try push configs by exmples from:

In asterisk cli i see errors:

res_config_pgsql.c: PostgreSQL RealTime: Failed to query ‘ps_aors@asterisk-db’.
res_config_pgsql.c: PostgreSQL RealTime: Query Failed: INSERT INTO ps_aors (id, minimum_expiration, default_expiration, qualify_timeout, mailboxes, support_path, voicemail_extension, max_contacts, authenticate_qualify, contact, maximum_expiration, qualify_frequency, remove_existing, outbound_proxy) VALUES (‘alice’, ‘60’, ‘3600’, ‘3.000000’, ‘’, ‘true’, ‘’, ‘1’, ‘false’, ‘’, ‘7200’, ‘0’, ‘true’, ‘’)
res_config_pgsql.c: PostgreSQL RealTime: Query Failed because: ERROR: invalid input value for enum yesno_values: "true"
LINE 1: …y) VALUES (‘alice’, ‘60’, ‘3600’, ‘3.000000’, ‘’, ‘true’, ‘’…

That happens with other tables too.

Is it bug and should be fixed by developers or I should change column type to boolean or add “true”, “false” to enum yesno_values?

Please file an issue[1] to ensure that the enum fields accept all that is normally allowed. In the mean time you’ll need to modify the schema yourself manually to allow it.