Asterisk 15 - res_config_pgsql not available

I’m trying to configure postgresql realtime on Asterisk 15 and I’m not able to get the res_config_pgsql module to show up.

I thought installing the postgresql-devel was the only dependency it had but I have pretty much everything installed?

yum list installed | grep postgresql*
postgresql.x86_64 9.2.24-1.el7_5 @base
postgresql-contrib.x86_64 9.2.24-1.el7_5 @base
postgresql-devel.x86_64 9.2.24-1.el7_5 @base
postgresql-libs.x86_64 9.2.24-1.el7_5 @base
postgresql-server.x86_64 9.2.24-1.el7_5 @base

I’ve installed various other python pgsql packages in a hope one of those might sort it but having re-run make menuselect after each update its just not showing up.

I have the odbc version working on another install so I could revert to that but I’d like to try and go with the native postgres module if possible.

Any help much appreciated.

Are you re-running configure? That is the script which actually does the dependency check, just running menuselect again will not update things.

Sorry I should have mentioned that…

Yes I’m running ./configure --libdir=/usr/lib64 before make menuselect

You make a good point however - I don’t need to include any other flags/options on the configure do I?

:confounded: I’ve literally just gone through the config checks and saw it finding pgsql so I thought it must be in there somewhere…

…it is waaay down the bottom of Resources under ‘Extended’ - I just assumed it was going to show up at the top with the other res_config modules so I never looked any further.

Really soft mistake thats cost me a couple of hours :unamused:

@jcolp thanks for the reply everything is working as expected - except my brain

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