Asterisk 11.16 Realtime dead in the water

I’m just about to go insane here, but it seems that the Realtime support in Asterisk 11 doesn’t work at all. I have previously used ODBC for many tables in 1.6 without too many issues. I find ODBC to be inherently unstable and very poorly supported, so was quite excited to try out native PostgreSQL support. Sadly, I can’t get it to work even once.

On OpenBSD 5.6, and I installed using pkg_add asterisk-pgsql-11.16.0, and have a configured and operational PostgreSQL 9.4

This works just fine, and is something I wasn’t doing in 1.6. I’ve been logging every SQL statement going into Postgres, and I can see the SQL statements that are pulling these conf entries.

This seemingly works, but I don’t know how to verify from the Asterisk CLI if the settings are being applied or not. I just know the messages aren’t complaining, and I can see the module loaded just fine.

ANY combinations of sip,sippeers,sipusers,sipwhatever completely fails. All of my register statements fail with complaints about an incorrect password, but Postgres is adamant that Asterisk never even made a connection for it.

I’m at a loss as to why musiconhold is working perfectly (I can add/edit classes in the table), and SIP acts completely dead.

To create the tables I used the DDL statements present in the contribs. I had to download the source separately, but I matched 11.16 with 11.16.

Only success I had was with sipregs, and that showed some activity, but never from my own tests. Just from the spammers/hackers already breaking down my door on my test installation. Other than those few hits, sipregs doesn’t work either, or I don’t understand its purpose.

LOG: statement: SELECT * FROM sip_regs WHERE ipaddr = '' AND port = '5070' ERROR: relation "sip_regs" does not exist at character 15

Does PostgreSQL work with Realtime? I understood it to be native, but apparently the voicemail doesn’t use it. If I have to be forced back to UnixODBC (which is super unstable in my experience), I’m not even sure how to get it installed on OpenBSD, or if it’s even available.

Looking for anybody with real world experience beyond the claims of the documentation to provide some insight possibly. I’m not opposed to 12 or 13, but I have no idea how well supported that is, or if it can be compiled successfully on OpenBSD 5.6/5.7