Trouble with my version of swagger to open the documentation of ari

Hello everbody. I would like to use the documentation of ari in swagger. But i have get this error :

Unable to render this definition

The provided definition does not specify a valid version field.

Please indicate a valid Swagger or OpenAPI version field. Supported version fields are swagger: "2.0" and those that match openapi: 3.0.n (for example, openapi: 3.0.0 ).

My asterisk version 15

I dont now why is the error? Help me

Asterisk uses an old version of Swagger, current things may not be able to read and use it.

don’t have other possibiliy? to use ari with swagger in this moment?

Le ven. 31 août 2018 à 20:00, jcolp a écrit :

There is no updated Swagger specification that uses a newer version, and I know of noone currently working on such a project.