Trixbox vs pure Asterisk

I’m just wondering what people here think of Trixbox 1.11 compared to a pure Asterisk compiled from source setup?

Any and all thoughts or opinions are welcome, as I’m trying to decide which route to go.

well, trixbox is nice for a home user or someone who has a small business, but honestly, i have found that a vanilla install of asterisk with properly laid-out config files is MUCH easier to maintain when the user count climbs above about 5 people.

plus, it’s easier being able to edit anything you want on a console instead of having to leave existing code in place like you would with trixbox.

lastly, migrating a dialplan from machine to machine is a snap - i tarball my /etc/asterisk directory and copy it to another machine - bam - i have a new server.

maybe i’m not the best person to ask, because my experiences with front ends have been very limited - i’ve only dabbled in trixbox/AMP a bit.

that’s my $0.02, FWIW.

I prefer pure Asterisk, as you can make the configuration as simple as you want it. With Trixbox/FreePBX there is a lot of configuration which makes you jump from context to context or file to file to try and find something.

I would say Trixbox is good to learn asterisk with and make sense out of the entries you make into the GUI that it places into the config files, A@H even does this better because it puts configs in the appropriate files while trixbox puts SIP setup for example in sip_additional.conf instead of in sip.conf and the dialplan in extensions_additional.conf instead of in extensions.conf which can confuse a lot of beginners when move unto pure asterisk. I used A@H during my earlier times but now into pure asterisk which is much more eaier to work with (not to leran with due to higher learning curve than trixbox/A@H), it also makes it much easier to copy config files and setup a new server in a flash. It is also developed with larger installations in mind compared to trixbox/A@H.

With Trixbox it hide a lot of details for ease of operation. If you’re not thinking of any bells and whistles (or anything extraordinary feature) for your Asterisk…go with the Trixbox.