Trixbox(Asterisk) - complex config files for a beginer

Hello list,

My name is Sebastian and I’m rather new to voip and Trixbox(Asterisk), so that sincerely I’m a little bit confused about the Trixbox(Asterisk) built-in configuration files complexity (for ex. extensions.conf end related files).
Also I found Trixbox(Asterisk) an excellent PBX suite so that, and now my questions to you…
is there possible to build from scratch a completed new configurations files for Trixbox so that I can make full control little steps into building my own setup.

What are your advices…


  1. sorry if I offend anybody talking about Trixbox(Asterisk)
    2 please excuse my English, is no my native language….

Thank you very much,

Nobody here will be offended just because you talk about Trixx…what ? :wink:
And I’m sure too you’ll find more Trixbox experts on the their forums :smile:


Marco Bruni