Asterisk automated install

Is there any single shell script something like, where i can run only a single command and will install a standard asterisk PBX on my box. ?

If it is there please post.

How hard is it to install asterisk? Also how is this a “Developer” post?

Bjweeks: His question was not the nature of development but rather if there was a script that installed it automaticly.

Maac_caam: I wrote a script over a year ago that is extremly out dated. It was written for CentOS. If you want it for refrence please PM me.

There exists a trixbox - its a Asterisk@home (previose name) - its distribution with asterisk, centos and many utilities. you can download it at

Sorry for offtopic, but does anyone know how trixbox related to asterisk. Are they maintained by same people? Does the trixbox project has anything to do with Digium?

Trixbox is Asterisk bascically preconfigured. Its a Gui, its like your mommy holding your hand :smile:

IMHO trixbox is the devil if you want to learn asterisk. Last night on IRC I was trying to help some one with something so basic. He snaped at me saying that he isnt stupid and that he has been using “Asterisk” for two years. Yup it was Asterisk@Home. (If your curious he needed to know how to create to sip accounts on one phone and two seperate contexts, one for home and the other for work. Yes I know something like that is super hard !!!)

No, trixbox is nothing to do with Digium, but its contains the whole asterisk, centos 4.

Digium do not support trixbox, you have to go to trixbox for support.

with trixbox you can make a PBX, but maybe you can’t uderstand how asterisk functions and with some problem you have to go to the .conf files - the GUI can’t configure everythink that astarisk can do.

true, but you can tweak a lot of what you might want to customize.

If you want Asterisk on a CD use Poundkey and stay far away from trixbox.


Key phrase was “want Asterisk” without every other piece of software on the universe that has anything to do with asterisk, a web GUI, 30 open ports, a CRM, and a partridge in a pear tree.

most people who “want Asterisk” actually want a full-service PBX, and want it quickly. TrixBox gives them that.

the fact it gives them a whole lot more than they need or can probably cope with (particularly if/when it goes wrong) is neither here nor there. it’s served it’s purpose.

i make no bones about the fact i started out with A@H … it’s a great place to start, and if it works for you then good. if not, you have plenty of options.