Transfered calls are always "Private"

I setup a phone line 1-800-xxx with our VoIP provider. VoIP provider and my computer are connected via SIP. The dialplan is programed to transfer all incoming call (on my 1-800 line) over my Cell phone. Before transfering the call, CallerID and CallerIDName are set to specific values for information purpose. The problem is the cell phone never receive these CallerID and CallerIDName. Call are alway Private on my cell phone. I have no idea where to look at. Any idea ?


exten => s,1,Verbose(2,==>> About to enter context : [1800])
exten => s,n,Answer()
exten => s,n,Set(CALLERID(all)=“1800-TechSupp” <18665555555>)
exten => s,n,Dial(SIP/${TECH_SUPPORT}@${OUTBOUNDLINE})


register => 8665551212:1234567@tollfree_line/1800


Do you hold some sort of public network operator licence? If not, responsible PSTN gateway operators will only allow you to present caller IDs that they can verify belong to you.

Also, your dialplan is forwarding, not transferring. As noted in another recent thread, it is quite likely that your service provider will reject transfer attempts, but if they accept them, it is possible that they will retain the original caller ID.

Also, why are you answering the call before forwarding it? That means you have to pay for the ringing time, not just the talking time. Real transfers are much more likely to work well with Asterisk if done before answering.

Hi David55
We hold all caller ID we use. I wrote faked caller ID in this thread for privacy purpose.
We answer the call because there are more stuff in the dialplan like :
For Technichal suppoert, please press 1, (than foward call to appropriate cell phone)
For sales please press 2 ( than forward incoming call to appropriate cell phone)

We tried an outgoing call with a callfile in outgoing folder and the callerID was ok.

Any ideas ?

I would take a sip set debug on trace and see what is actually going over the wire.

I believe some SIP providers mis-use the user friendly part of the full From: line to supply the caller-id. Did names work when you used call files?

Yes CalleerID was fine with call files.
I don’t know about CallerIDName, my mobile phone provider doesn’t support CallerIDName on iPhone…

What I’m suggesting is that you may have been sending:


rather than


and that the service provider was using the first number, which is an abuse of SIP done some providers.

Some public networks, do not support the name part.

In any case, seeing what is actually sent to the wire, in both cases, will help to narrow down the problem.