Transfer a SIP call

Hi everyone,

I am receveing a call from a SIP provider, then I am authenticating it, then I need to transfer this call to the same SIP provider.

I tried the App Transfer like this:


Is it correct ?! Can anyone help me out ?!

Thanks in advance

Not sure what you are trying to do but, you can use Dial for transferring an incoming call to another device or try Redirect AMI method.

Hope this helps!


i think if you use transfer you’d just put in a URI or a number, ie

Transfer(12223334444) more likely. I assume you want to REFER the call instead of setting up another channel (so you have two going, one in one out). Wether or not this works will depend on the provider.

Let me explain what I need to do:

  1. I have a gateway wich receives a call from PSTN
  2. This gateways forwards this call to my Asterisk trough a SIP connection (G.729)
  3. In Asterisk I authenticate the call and use DISA application, so the the customer can input a destination
  4. Now the problem: I need to redirect the originate call to the same gateway, so it will initiate a new call with the input number.

I tried this: exten => s,n,Dial(SIP/1943#55${DDDNUMERO}@datora,180,r)

But the phantom ring isn´t very helpful and I really need to free the call legs from Asterisk and let only my gateway on the way. Is it possible ?!

Can you help me ?!

Thanks in advance

in that case my original advice stands just more likely- you need to use Transfer() and set the gateway to allow this to happen, program it to use another random channel for the outgoing call.
if not you could always turn on canreinvite=yes and skip the extra two media paths (audio in/out of *)

Thanks for your help. I´ll try that.

Hi there.

The Transfer app uses Refer, right ?!

I´m not sure if my gateway would start a new call leg using this field.

Using Dial(SIP/1943#55${DDDNUMERO}@
Contact: sip:1943#554788149576@
Contact: sip:4733676271@

Using Transfer(1943#55${DDDNUMERO}@

Refer-To: sip:1943#554788149576@
Referred-By: sip:08005403500@

Contact: sip:08005403500@
Contact: sip:4733676271@

Any ideas ?!

Thanks again

i think it really depends on your gateway, i have no idea :frowning: