Transfer/Steal during background/playsound


i try to transfer a call which is currently running an application
e.g. playsound(with a 5 minute long soundfile) to a different destination.

That means i want to push the caller to a specific dialplan entry where something external occures during wait.

If this event happens, i will transfer the user immediatly to an agent e.g.
I found a solution which uses redirect of the asterisk manager interface which works perfectly.
But there is a small quirk my waiting user is getting the calling/ring tones during these transfer. I would like to transfer the waiting user in the moment of the pickup of the destination. Is there any way to get this to work. I tried a lot with stealchan. But it didn’t transfer the called user,
it only transfers my application :frowning:

Here another brief description:

  • Caller calls to ASTERISK and runs a personal(no queue…) application.

  • During these application an external event occures. I trigger asterisk
    to dial to the next destination and in the moment of the pickup
    (Event: NewState), asterisk connects the caller with the just called party.

thanks in advance