Transfer outgoing calls on analog phones


I am new to asterisk and it seems that if I dial out to an external PSTN number on an analog phone, I can not tranfer that call to another internal extension.

None of the tranfer methods work, however this works perfectly with a IP SIP phone.

I am able to transfer incoming PSTN calls to an internal extension.

Anyone has any ideas on how to sort this problem out?
I am using Digium TDM24XXp card.

Tranfer=yes is set in the zapata.conf file



Have a look at featuremap in features.conf … tures.conf

Thanks for the reply, however I am not sure what I am looking for in the feature.conf file

I did setup the blind and assisted tranfers. They work for incoming calls from the PSTN. The problem is when the analog phone dials out to the PSTN, the bridged call can not be transfered.

The tones does not seem to be recognised,however again for incoming calls it works

try blindxfer => #1 under feature map. Also have a look at the T and t option here:


thanks, i forgot to add the tT on my outgoing contexts however the internal contexts had the tt thus allowing me to transfer

thanks for the help


i have the same problem when i make an outbound call i can not tranfer the call by pressing # or ##. If i make call to an extension then i can tranfer the call.

Can you please describe the way that you solve this problem?

You wrote that you forgot to add the tT on your outgoing contexts. You mean in the extensions.conf? Can you please post the code here?

Thanks in advance

In my dialplan in extension.conf you need to add in the the transfer code in your dial app.


extern => _.,1,Dial(Zap/g0,${EXTERN},60,tT)

tT will allow you to transfer