Transfer outgoing calls. Asterisk 1.8.23


I am new here, I want to know if it possible transfer outgoing call in asterisk. I have a stage when I have to transfer an outgoing call to other extension. For example:

Making a call to external number from extension 2020 and after transfer this call to the extension 2021

I know that in /etc/asterisk/feature.conf i can enable attended transfer, but it´s work with inbound calls only. Someone can help me please

CentOS release 6.10 (Final)
Asterisk 1.8.23

Asterisk 1.8 is way past end of life.

Calls are made from devices, not extensions in Asterisk.

Asterisk doesn’t distinguish between internal and external call legs, so is completely symmetric with respect to transfers, provided you enable the correct T or t option on Dial. Generally you don’t want to enable calls originating form devices representing external parties to be able to initiate transfers, so you may need to set variables depending on the initial context, even though you use the same final context for the Dials for both internally originated internal calls and direct in dialling external calls.

If this is SIP, also consider using SIP native transfers.

Yes is SIP, By internal calls I have a context and to make the outgoing call i am using other

Right now my Dial application is writed how this way exten => 1039,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},tTo) with the options Tto (this is only a part)

Could you orient me to use SIP native transfer ?

Tt allows either party to transfer, and that includes the external one, which you might not want.

For SIP native transfers, read the instructions for your phones. I can’t imagine there are any that don’t support this.

I am using a softphone

I suppose the features may just have been omitted to encourage you to purchase an upgrade. I half remember that the original X-Lite is nobbled.

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