Transfer call to hold state on dest. handset/ext?

For folks used to hybrid key systems that are transferring over there are two huge requests I get:

  1. How do I know if someone is busy without bothering them (a.k.a. lamp field) — SOLUTION: for now PC based tools like FOP from are a workaround I guess.

  2. How do I put a call on hold for someone and let them pick it up at their leisure rather than forcing an on the spot transfer (and not necessarily call parking as the dest. has to remember the parking numbers which they don’t want to do! Not a friendly alternative for key system users) — SOLUTION: ???


My thought was if it was somehow possible on a call transfer to do it somehow through some custom Asterisk code that would drop the call off at the destination extension but on hold (as though they had received the typical transfer and put it immediately on hold)?

Thanks gang.