Transfer a call without hold

Hello, Is there any way to transfer a call without putting the party in hold?

-A calls B
-B answer
-A tells the C number to transfer and B is pressing the numbers in his keypad during the conversation
-B transfer the call
-A listen the ring to C
-C answer
-A and C are talking

This is because A are not authorized to make calls directly to C


The correct forum is Asterisk Support.

Which channel technology are you using? What exactly do you mean by hold.

Are you trying to use features.conf.

If SIP, does the phone implement blind transfer as true blind transfers, or as automated “blonde” transfers?

Is SIP technology using yealink T22 phone, when I say hold is when I press Tran and the other person starts listen waiting music.
I need to press the destination number from dictation of the other person, now the operator needs to write in a paper and then press tran and dial the destination number to transfer.

That’s a function of the phone, not of the PABX.

Whilst the PABX is sourcing the hold music, it is the phone that has sent a media direction of sendonly, or has revoked its IP address for receiving media, in order to trigger the music on hold. For a=sendonly, the PABX cannot legally continue to forward media to the phone, and for a media IP address of, the PABX no longer knows the address to which to forward media.

My problem is, when operator receive a call the other party dictate the number to dial and transfer this call, now the operator write the destination number in a paper, then press tran button, dial the number and press tran button again to establish the call between the originar and the dictated number.

I need to press the number during the active call, while the originator dictate, to avoid write the number in a paper

do you know if some SIP phone permit to do that?, I am trying with yealink but I cant.


Any SIP phone should allow to press digits while on call.
You can certainly achieve the result with the help of blind transfer and features.conf … tures.conf

–Satish Barot

I don’t think you understand his problem. He wants to key in the new number before any transfer processing is performed. What he really needs is a scratch-pad in the phone, as provided in some mobile phones,

Generally, once you key in the code that indicates that you want to do a transfer, the incoming audio is muted. He needs that audio in order to allow the number to be heard and keyed in.

I think the normal solution to this is to use a computer based operator console and use AMI to request the transfer.

You are right David. I misunderstood the issue. My Bad :frowning:

–Satish Barot