Transfer between two IAX2 channels


Is it possible to transfer the call from one *-box (IAX2)
to another *-box (IAX2) with the way
that all traffic will be going between start and end points of the story?

The situation:

One calls from box 1 to box 2 with IAX2,
the user at box 2 transfers the call from box 1 to box 3 (IAX2 too).
Asterisk produces native bridge, traffic is going this way:

The question:

Is it possible to transfer such way that the traffic will be at the end:
1<->3 (without 2)

(I don’t use notrans=yes)

Thanks a lot.


I don’t think so. SIP can do this, but SIP has a lot of bloat (IMO).

Do you mean that it is not possible to make such transfer?

I am trying not to use SIP if there is IAX2…