Timed Events

At the beginning of the year we changed the clocking in/out machine on the shopfloor. The old machine was programmed to ring a bell at the start and end of breaks. Unfortunately, there is no such facility on the new one.

The shopfloor is also covered by an overhead paging system that is connected to a sound card in the Asterisk server. Users can just dial a special extension to be connected to the pager.

It occurs to me that it should be a fairly simple job to get Asterisk to playback to the pager extension a bell sound at specific times of the day. It would be nice if we could have different times on different days of the week but that’s not important.

This is a bit like a wakeup call but we don’t need anything so complicated. The times can be hard-coded - in fact, I’d be happier if they were!

Someone must have done this before so - any pointers?


simplest way would be a cronjob calling a script that creates a call file.

TBH if its a sound card thats connected then you could just cron a job to play a sound out of the speaker without asterisk being involved