Time waiting on a queue

Please help! We need to announce the caller his estimated hold time when the caller is in a queue. When we switch on the parameter “Announce Hold Time:” in freepbx, the announcement works only if the hold time > 1 minute.
Is it possible to switch the announcement even if the hold time less then 1 minute. For example “All operators are busy now. We answer you in less then one minute”.

Nobody knows?

Your 24 hours bump interval is not up yet.

There are around a dozen regular contributors here. I would guess that most are like me and suspect that if the feature was not obvious to you, it doesn’t exist, but are not interested enough to carefully scan the code and documentation to confirm this.

You can always modify the source code to add such a features; it should be a low risk change.

Also remember that past performance does not necessarily predict future performance. The wait time is a rolling average of the time to answer previous calls. I have a feeling that it does not account for people who give up in the queue, and it certainly doesn’t allow for sudden peaks in demand, reductions in the number of operators, or changes in the nature of enquiries.

Thank you, david55!
But where and how can I modify the code. And how much money this modification can cost?
It is strange for me why this feature doesn’t exist. I think it is normal when the caller is announced that the operator will answer shortly.

There is a parameter called ‘announce-round-seconds’ that is available within the queues.conf file. It defaults to 0 so times are rounded to full minutes. Changing it to something other than 0 MAY provide what you are looking for, but I have never tested it.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the FreePBX tool allows you to set that via the GUI. You could try editing the /etc/asterisk/queues_custom_general.conf file and adding it there, but I have not idea if that will work.

You could manually add the parameter to /etc/asterisk/queues_additional.conf and reload the queue module from the Asterisk CLI (module reload app_queue), however if you use this approach, your change will be removed next time FreePBX rebuilds the dialplan for ANY change.