Change estimated hold time per user in a queue

Hi everyone,
I set up an announcer for a customer’s Asterisk PBX that tells the users in a queue their position in the queue itself and the approximated time they have to wait before leaving the queue and being connected to the operator.
I want to assign to each member in a queue an estimated hold time of 2 minutes multiplied by the number of members that are in the queue before, so the announcer would tell to each “estimated hold time is (2 * number of members before you) minutes”.

Is that possible?

No. The time is an exponential average of recent hold times of connected calls and there is no external access to the statistics.

You can, obviously do whatever you want before you enter the queue, or could rename one of the, nominally fixed, comfort messages. (As far as I know the file content is not cached, and the file is not held open between uses.)

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