Thinking about setting up an asterisk box... Can it do this?

I will be moving to Puerto Rico next month and am looking for a way to stay in touch with my friends and family cheaply.

Is it possible to have multiple lines? I will be living in a 787 area code. My friends live in 817 and my family lives in 325 (Texas).

What I am wanting to do is anyone who dials the number be able to call me. Also if i dial with one of those are codes, it will come from that area code.

I need to find a VOIP provider that I could use that has these area codes as options. Any suggestions?

am I making since? sorry, I am a VOIP newbie

yes that will work. if you have multiple DIDs in asterisk, they can be from any provider (or multiple providers.) for outbound calls, set up outbound routing rules so that calls to each of those area codes are routed out the specific SIP or IAX trunk that supports that DID.

What type of equipment are you thinking of using to create this deployment?

for having the area codes, i’m thinking getting lingo account with 3 numbers. might cost ya 30-40 a month