Asterisk Server Configuration


Could someone please recommend a hardware and software configuration for me for a VOIP system (Most likely a PBX setup) which allows for VOIP Call Tracking. The system is setup like this: It forwards 1-800 numbers through a VOIP hardware/software configuration to a Local Area code numbers. The calls are tracked and the Local Area code users who recieve the calls are billed.

1-800 Number >> VOIP Software Call Tracking & Hardware >> Local Area Code number

If someone could recommend a configuration it would be greatly appreciated.

are you asking for a canned solution, are you asking for someone to tell you how to do it, or are you looking for someone to hire to design such a system for you?


I would say the first two would be appreciated. I have a Business Information Systems degree and am familar with similar hardware/software configurations. Once I know what hard/software I need I would hire a consultant to put together the system and configure it, so contacts to such consultants are also apprecaited.


I am still “foncused”. From what you posted you want people to dial an 800 number. The system will pick it up and based on the CID it will forward the call to a specific number in that area code ?