"The Great Asterisk Migration of 2023" question

Hi, I’d like to clarify with someone what’s the procedure of interacting with old Jira issues now since your migration from Jira to GitHub started.
As per The Great Asterisk Migration of 2023, I do realize that it will most likely be somehow archived, but how should I add comments to existing issues on Jira to show my interest in resolving the issue/leave some additional info, ask for any other type of questions…

Should I duplicate issue(s) of interest in GitHub and ask questions in there? As I understand, Jira is read-only now, and I can’t leave any comments there.

It probably doesn’t really matter, but issues I’m very interested in fixes for are:

  • ASTERISK-30445
  • ASTERISK-30474

There is no interacting with Jira any longer. Everything happens on GitHub. If an issue needs to continue to exist, then it should be created in GitHub.

Additionally there is already a pull request[1] up for ASTERISK-30474, which once someone else reviews will get merged in.

[1] res_prometheus: Do not generate broken metrics by zecke · Pull Request #85 · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub

Do I need to fully copy the issue’s description, or I can just leave reference for Jira equivalent? There probably should be some procedure for cases like that.

The description and any other details should be copied. Relying on Jira is not recommended.

Great, thank you very much.
I’ll re-create these issue on GH then, and we can continue there.

There is no need to recreate ASTERISK-30474, there is already a pull request open for fixing it.

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